Enprecis Group is proud to announce we are Reynolds recertified.

Enprecis group rejoins the ranks of notable companies as a certified RCI vendor. A key building block of our products is our strong commitment to the security and integrity of customer data and data extraction. Being certified in the RCI program gives Enprecis Group the ability to continue to securely exchange data with a Reynolds ERA® dealership management system (DMS) providing enhanced supportability, systems integration, and data exchange and extraction. This certification provides additional stability and performance enchantment due to highly engineered interfaces.

“Reynolds and Reynolds created the Reynolds Certified Interface Program to ensure that technology and software providers have the ability to access and exchange data within the ERA® and POWER Dealership Management Systems while ensuring the security, integrity, privacy and supportability of the dealer data.”

With the Foresight platform redesignated as RCI Certified, we look forward to continuing to provide security, integrity, and privacy for the secure exchange of DMS data extraction to all of our OEM partners.


Enprecis Group Inc. is a leading designer, developer, and distributor of innovative enterprise-class daily tracking and Customer Experience Management (CEM) software dedicated to the automotive landscape. Foresight™ and Foresight for mobile are the foundations of Enprecis Group’s CEM platform, offering real-time, continuous issue resolution management to clients and customers around the world. With a dedication to innovation and forward-thinking product development, Enprecis Group continues its mission of building revolutionary CEM products for leading automotive brands worldwide. Enprecis Group is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

For more information about Foresight™ visit www.enprecisgroup.com/Foresight

Enprecis Group Communication Team