In today’s digital world, a value-led approach that puts greater focus on the customer experience can make all the difference between Promoters and Detractors. As global leaders in Customer Experience (CX) Management for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), the team at Enprecis Group believe the only way to grow brand equity and retain customers is to carefully measure, monitor and action every interaction along the automotive purchase customer lifecycle.

The single most important measure of customer success is repeat customers who also turn out to be your biggest brand champions. Automotive customers today, however, often encounter a disjointed and impersonal customer experience. Automotive OEMs frequently don’t leverage the information they have (like which vehicle the customer bought) and burden the customer with repetitive surveys from multiple business groups (sales, service, OEM, call center, industry, etc.) to gather known information. This lack of consistency makes for a poor CX and can diminish the quality of customer responses. Why can’t the various groups simply get together and ask the right questions at the right time, and share information and analysis afterwards?

At Enprecis Group, we believe there is a better way to measure, monitor and act on critical Vehicle (Product) and Customer Journey data points. We call this innovation “Automotive CX 360”, an integrated solution that consistently captures and measures the customer experience (structured survey responses and unstructured verbatim comments that are the true voice of the customer). Enprecis Group has a long track record in CX and VX innovation. We are the innovators of such industry stalwarts such as multi-channel, mobile-first, Issue Resolution, Double-Closed Loop process, Hot Alerts, VX branch intelligent logic, Right Binning and the list goes on. As the global leader serving the Automotive Industry from Shanghai to Paris to Detroit and LA to Seoul, we understand the unique challenges and complexities OEMs confront. We have crafted solutions to truly connect and transform customer relations into improved Customer Satisfaction, Experience, Loyalty and Lift – or as we like to say, we help OEMs and their ecosystem SELL more.

Michael Hateley, Senior Director, Customer Success at Enprecis Group and a CX expert, says “a well-designed CX program should deliver real-time, actionable feedback from customers about their experiences and expectations. It’s not enough to just capture and report. What OEMs really want is key recommendations and prescriptive actions so they can intercede and prevent defections or recommend re-purchase.” This can all be achieved but requires connecting feedback across all customer touchpoints, integrating the positives and negatives and taking preventative action to achieve the greatest impact and improvement. We see real-time information, leveraging user defined dashboards and monitoring as the critical elements to customer success – reporting is too passive and static to affect change. The process, systems, alerts and escalations are the keys to monitoring and affecting change. From our experience, we believe OEMs would be well served to employ the following 4 key steps:

1.   Capture the Voice of the Employee: An engaged workforce is at the heart of every successful organization. Listening to the Voice of the Employee is your first step to understanding your products, how they are used and what the customer’s reaction are. By increasing employee engagement, you can achieve enormous impact – from reduced staff turnover, lower costs, and a strong corporate culture to driving stronger and more satisfied customers.

2.   Actively Listen to Customers: Managing CX depends on the ability to build a stable, repeatable process for capturing customer feedback—both structured responses and unstructured, unfiltered responses. The real value comes from analyzing all this data in context to truly understand what’s working and what’s not.

3.   Mapping the Customer Journey. If you don’t document the entire Customer Journey how on earth are you going to diagnose, let alone treat or improve? We believe it is critical to map the entire journey from every touch point – from education and awareness all the way through purchase, ownership, service and repurchase. This will help you truly understand all elements that drive satisfaction and repurchase. Our research shows that those OEMs that map the Customer Journey and tie performance metrics to their process achieve higher loyalty and repurchase.

4.   Measure, Monitor, and Act. Knowing when to measure is as important as what you are measuring, how you analyze it and what you do about it. Many OEMs pride themselves in the volume of data they capture – oftentimes, swimming in information. What you do with the information separates the leaders from the laggards. It isn’t the quantity but the quality of the analysis and moreover the actions that are the keys to transforming the customer experience and achieving better outcomes – like loyalty, promoters and the Holy Grail – repurchase. Critical to all of this is putting SMART measuring in place – fewer touch points, smarter interactions, and consistent data collection, and serving multiple internal stakeholders with one streamlined survey so you don’t create customer burden or fatigue.

These critical steps will help OEMs better navigate the customer journey. Our mission is focused on transforming interactions into a better overall automotive customer experience and improve customer retention. We welcome your thoughts and feedback, as we are always looking to listen, learn, and lead.

Enprecis Group Communication Team