The Enprecis Group system brings together valuable data and practical, as well as predictive analytics to afford clients a much broader perspective of their customer base. This, in turn, assists in producing actionable intelligence for the delivery of a qualified customer experience across any and all touch points, to improve client satisfaction, significantly reduce unrest, encourage loyalty and maximize the lifetime value of the customer.

The delivery of exceptional customer experiences has become what sets apart a good organization from the rest. Now, you can observe the standings of all your competitors and peers, with the help of the Enprecis Insights Platform. This will assist you in delivering customer experiences far above and beyond what the competition is giving out.

Using Data to Improve the Delivered Customer Experience

The usage of data and analytics has the potential to significantly improve what we send out to our clients and customers, in the form of service.

What we offer, via the usage of real-time, actionable data:

  • Customer Lifetime Value: The optimization of the long-term viability of each and every client, through personalized cross-sell and up-sell offers.
  • Management of Customer Experience: Increasing of customer loyalty and significantly improve the retention of loyal customers, via analytics-powered experiences to the customer, which are both competent and consistent.
  • Customer Acquisition: Improvement of marketing prowess in order to target only the most profitable customers, who are most likely to convert to your brand.
  • Advocacy and Loyalty: Measurement the overall loyalty of all your customers with NPS (Net Promoter Score) analysis. Turn clients and customers into staunch advocates by inspiring loyalty through relevant offers.
  • Customer Churn Prediction and Prevention: Identification of high-risk customers, understanding of the critical factors related to attrition and the taking of data-backed actions, for their retention.

Customer experience that is backed by data is consistently delivering main value drivers for a number of businesses. Especially with data-backed organizations who are somewhat more advanced, the benefits include, but are not limited to; reduced costs, increased generation of revenue, improvement of business agility and service/product quality, as well as process efficiency.

From an organizational viewpoint, several executives and decision-makers have revealed that the best customer experience comes out of competencies and positive activities, from the integration of data to the successful implementation of technology, and from rethinking processes to reimagining training.

To meet and overcome these challenges, companies are making use of analytics in order to glean a better understanding of customer behaviour trends and preferences. For a third of businesses, data-backed CX has already implemented a noteworthy shift in the elevation of the customer experience. A number of executives and managers, who are currently under development, are expecting results during the course of the next two years.

The following is how you can increase the readiness of your organization, in order to embrace data-backed CX:

  • Think in the long term: Delivering a successful customer experience does not happen overnight. Superior customer service requires dedications as well as correct strategies and activities performed by the organizations, in order to be delivered.
  • Provide inspiration, insights and training to managers and employees alike: Convincing employees and managers to think and implement based on data require an alteration of perspective in the way the leadership thinks. The members of the organization need to comprehend that the employment of data for the enhancement of the customer experience can and will make their positions more satisfying to fulfill.
  • Keep evaluating results: It makes sense that activities that make use of data should be quantified with data. Employees and managers need to comprehend how the data-backed customer experience is being delivered.

Open sharing and accessibility of data are one of the most important frontiers for organizations who seek to improve their delivered customer experience. However, the integration of data is still a challenge, with just a third of organizations possessing real-time and well-integrated capabilities through the entirety of customer channels. This was revealed to be a challenge for even the most advanced of enterprises, however the Enprecis Group has a solution for that.

Executives say that the presence of data silos within their respective organizations makes it problematic to bring all the information in one place, and to really discover what potential and current customers are thinking.

Following is how you can increase the accessibility of the CX-related data from your organization:

  • Determine the right approach for your particular industry. Each industry has a unique set of customer touch points, as well as interactions. Data formulation techniques which work for one organization may not work for the rest. For example, a hospital has the care of patients as its primary focus, while media companies will have the delivery of content as their primary concern.
  • Break the silos. Each organization, at present, may have a considerable amount of data on the However, not much of the data would actually be actionable. This may also take the form of ‘dark data,’ which is attained but stored away, and not utilized to generate the desired result. The reasons for this may be the inaccessibility of said data due to it being maintained within a particular department which does not allow easy access. Data-backed proponents of customer experience need to go out on a self-discovery voyage to discover these assets and combine them into strategic implementation.
  • Open current resources to customers. Making the data accessible to customers has a very powerful effect on the relationship between organization and customer. This data could include information regarding services, inventory, products and even shipments. It enriches the customer experience by making them feel more involved and integral to the company.

Orchestration makes for the third necessary step towards a positive customer experience that is backed by data. Executives have experienced success through linking front-end interfaces with back-end processes. However, they have also acknowledged that the best customer experience does not necessarily come from systems and machines. The organizational success of such steps is reliant upon the team that manages said systems, along with their capability for designing primary business processes.

There is an affinity between the managers of staff, and the personnel involved with back-end processes and systems. However, there is a requirement to draw both even closer. The following tips will let you know how to achieve improved synergy between the assets and processes of the organization, and the data-driven customer experienced initiatives.

  • Look deep within your assets and your data. Data which may turn the tide on your current customer experience situation, in a positive manner, may be lying away in a silo or within the data stores. ERP, CRM, supply chain, and sales may be workable sources however, you have to expand into the non-traditional areas as well.
  • Empower the people who are integral parts of the process. The managers and employees who are likely to handle the data need to know that any and all assets and resources are at their disposal, pending the successful implementation of the data.
  • Communicate to the people the benefits that can be achieved via the successful implementation of data-backed customer experience. Organizations backed by data-driven customer experience initiatives have the capability to optimize and target for particular customers. This also improves the consistency of cross-channel customer experience, which in turn, enables an improved understanding and predictive capabilities.

Data-backed customer experience is vital if one is to move past the competition in the hyper-competitive and tough global economy of today. It takes a combination of multiple factors such as accessible data, organizational readiness, streamlined orchestration of processes and people, as well as an accurate execution of actionable data, to deliver highly interactive and competitive customer experiences.

The pieces have now been put in place, and it is merely a matter of moving ahead with the acquired knowledge.


Enprecis Group Communication Team