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The Foresight Journey

Fast, powerful and intuitive, Foresight™ is the automotive industry’s top choice for customer experience management. Years of innovation and technology expertise have culminated in the fully-customizable, data-driven, real-time platform that has taken over the industry, unlocking business intelligence at every touch point for all users of your business.

Corporate User

Manage your high-level business objectives with proven customer experience improvement and proven syndicated predictive analysis using the most versatile technology in the automotive industry. Customized features, key survey metrics, and geographical analysis drive attention directly to brand loyalty and customer sentiment.

Key Features:

CEM Manager

Empower your key Customer Experience managers with intuitive features on a single platform to determine strategic business decisions and drive brand loyalty. Customized business intelligence tools give access to comparative data for dealership performance at the area, regional, or national level with at-a-glance views of major program KPIs at all levels of the business.

Key Features:


Using the real-time Issue Resolution Management tool and Foresight Compass alert processes, Dealers are equipped with the tools to take action on customer feedback instantly. With Foresight and Foresight for Mobile, dealers gain access to all survey returns, customer details, Hot Alerts, Top Issue Indicators, and multi-level reporting with recommended solutions highlighted in real-time.

Key Features:


Customize & Deploy

Our dedicated client teams and consultants work with you from day 1, establishing baseline requirements and customizing software to fit your brand. After detailed training for your staff, we work with you to deploy your platform across your dealerships within 90 days of coming onboard, ensuring your new CEM strategy is ready for meaningful and impactful customer interactions.


Multi-channel Data Collection

Capturing customer feedback at all possible touch points is essential to any Customer Experience Management program. The Enprecis Group has the technology and expertise to filter customer feedback seamlessly from your DMS/Corporate feed straight to the Foresight platform for real-time assessment, follow-up, and resolution. The Enprecis Group is the only automotive CEM software provider that can connect to any DMS, anywhere around the world.

Gather Insights

• Fully customized invitations, surveys, and gratitude messages

• Capturing customer feedback direct from DMS/Corporate feed


• Mobile-optimized and fully responsive online surveys

• Increased survey response rates

• Alternative method of contact if no customer email provided


Gather Insights

Foresight embraces the entire customer lifecycle, from first contact through to sale, service, and aftersales retention, building brand loyalty on the journey to the next car purchase. All email invitations, surveys, and greetings are fully customizable, providing an unmatched degree of branding options. With Foresight, we can pull the customer’s information directly from the DMS, for an added opportunity to personalize all digital communication.


With viTXT, surveys can be sent to those customers who indicate a preference for mobile contact and/or did not provide their email address.The text includes a link to the mobile-optimized online survey, which they can complete directly from their phone, ensuring a higher rate of response.


Customer Action View

Our real-time data-driven dashboard views allow you to take action on customer feedback instantly. With Foresight, dealers gain access to all survey returns, customer details, issue resolution management processes, and reporting, while corporate views also track dealer performance and customer satisfaction across your entire network.


Issue Resolution

When a customer submits a low-scoring survey, dealer staff will know instantly through the Issue Resolution Management alerts process. The alert email will contain all of the details needed to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. With Hot Alerts and Top Issue Indicators, customer issues are instantly visible and actionable, with recommended solutions highlighted in real-time.

Customer Action View

• Hot Alerts display customer issues instantly to take action on negative feedback

• Top issues and recommended solutions are highlighted in real-time

Issue Resolution

• Fully automated processes to drive accountability within the dealership

• Dealers receive detailed alert emails to help resolve customer issues instantly

Foresight for Mobile

• Customer issue details and survey response all at your fingertips, for quick review and action

• Mobile-optimized and fully responsive design

Foresight for Mobile

The Foresight platform is completely optimized for use on any screen, on any device. This means that your dealership and field staff can easily analyze and respond to survey feedback anywhere, in the palm of your hand.


Foresight™ Compass

Exclusive dealer management processes

Exclusive to the Enprecis Group, Foresight Compass drives dealer engagement with automated dealer goal setting and goal achievement monitoring, including ongoing custom alerts. The robust multi-tier target setting flexibility is designed specifically for automotive OE purposes ultimately requiring dealers to initiate their own self-improvement action plans. Foresight Compass is fully integrated into the Foresight system and is the strategic counterpart of the platform’s highly renowned Issue Resolution tool.

Foresight™ BI

Business intelligence, reimagined

Offering fully integrated business intelligence that extends the ability to quickly and easily develop customized multi-level reports and interactive analytics, Foresight BI provides deeper insight to manage, analyze and visualize all your data. The system consolidates data from multiple sources in one centralized repository for customized dashboard views and KPI displays, including instant displays and updates on dealer performance and comparisons.

Foresight™ Social

Capturing the social pulse of your brand

With the intuitive Foresight Social module, dealers can monitor top social media sites that focus on the automotive customer experience. The tool includes geographical-review search capabilities and offers a dealer ranking index based on a standard 5-star rating system. The technology drives attention directly to brand net-detractors and promoters, and is fully integrated with the top automotive social media sites such as, DealerRater, N49, SureCritic, Edmunds, Yelp!, YellowPages, Google and Facebook  –  for up-to-the-minute, actionable customer sentiment.


Designed for speed, tailored for results

Foresight’s VoiceHub module allows for the creation of on-the-fly ad-hoc surveys with immediate access to existing email database and identifying email recipients as known responders and non-responders. The results from the surveys created by the VoiceHub’s survey building tool are kept separate from the master survey metrics for accurate KPIs and calculations.

Foresight™ mINer

Driving brand loyalty

With unlimited keyword search capabilities and export functionality to most common analysis and BI tools, Foresight mINer provides geographic insights from various regions, areas, and dealerships, to help analyze survey response scores based on various comments from your customers. The tool increases the ability for analysis and statistics by mining through all unstructured feedback to capture customer sentiment to link the customer voice to issues that will achieve customer satisfaction, experience, loyalty and lift


Customizable and data-driven

We can project results 6-12 months in advance of syndicated studies, giving business owners the ability to control and improve the outcome of the next published study. Power Predictor provides data inputs that are so robust that our projections are often more accurate than syndicated studies.


Customer feedback worth sharing

With Foresight’s OSAT scoring technology, individual survey scores and customer comments can be directly pushed in real-time to the public website of the specific dealers or the corporate website.


Revolutionize your Vehicle and Customer Experience Programs


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