Customer Experience experts Vital Insights expand into China with Jaguar Land Rover China partnership

Vital Insights, the world’s leading automotive customer experience management experts and Jaguar Land Rover China (JLRC) have successfully partnered to launch the Foresight customer experience management platform across all of JLRC’s 125 dealerships.

After a successful week-long pilot, JLRC and Vital Insights moved quickly to expand the launch across the entire JLRC dealership base.

“This was one of our most efficient launches yet,” says Ashley Allan, Director of Launch Operations and Customer Service at Vital Insights. “It represents our first dedicated Chinese deployment in Vital Insights history – and the first time we’ve translated 100% of our platform into the Chinese language. I’m extremely proud of our launch team, along with everyone here at Vital Insights.”

Beyond the monumental task of a full platform translation, this all-important Chinese launch included another rewarding challenge – the development, specifically for JLR China, of a custom Call Center platform, an integral facet of the program designed to meet the needs of JLR China and the preferences of its customers.

“Vital Insights is a company that fully dedicates itself to every partnership it undertakes,” says Jason Tryfon, President and CEO of Vital Insights. “We strive to make our partners happy, and Jaguar Land Rover China is no different. If this means developing a new platform to better serve their customers’ needs, then so be it. We’re here to make every customer experience perfect. One partner at a time.”

This dedicated call-center platform comes on top of the already fully-featured survey capabilities customized for JLRC, including Vital Insights viTXT technology and industry-pioneering Email survey technology.

“We are the experts in automotive CEM,” says Tryfon. “With this huge launch in China, we are moving quickly to prove our expertise, and our philosophy, around the globe.”



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