Another Year, Another Victory

In a year that has witnessed Vital Insights’ quick expansion around the globe, it’s no surprise that success has followed in our wake.

For the 4th consecutive year, Vital Insights has been honoured alongside North America’s fastest growing companies, ranking this year at #37 on the Deloitte Fast 50™, with a revenue growth of 227% over 5 years.

 “Growth is what keeps a business alive,” says President and CEO, Jason Tryfon. “After we pursued strong traction in North America, it became clear that we had discovered a winning formula for commanding success in the industry. It’s pretty simple: hire the best people, invest heavily in technology, and put in the long hours.”

For a small company, Vital Insights has been on a hiring spree, closing-in on 100 employees, almost doubling our desks since this time last year.

“As simple as it sounds, getting the balance right is another story. A healthy growth and innovation strategy can be difficult to balance, and it took us some time to get it right. After we established our first Global partner, we knew that our business strategy, hugely successful in North America, could also be effective around the globe.”

Establishing a position of leadership within the industry has enticed client interest from around the globe. This has led to a partnership with our first major client in China, where just a few short years ago such a partnership could have been a risky proposition – launching and managing a client from across the world is no easy challenge, not including platform translation and unique customization needs. However, with a mature skillset and robust technology platform, Vital Insights was able to flawlessly execute on platform deployment, sending a clear signal to the industry that Vital Insights can effectively partner with any client, anywhere. 

“It doesn’t matter what the challenge is,” says Jason. “Our team, and our technology, can meet it.”

New markets around the world are becoming familiar with the Vital Insights brand. For us, this is no surprise. As we aim for our 5th year in a row on the Deloitte Fast 50, this year’s award serves as a moment of reflection – on all that Vital Insights has accomplished, and on all that is yet to come.



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