Congratulations to our team! The results for the 26th annual PROFIT 500 ranking are in: For the 4th year in a row, we’ve been listed as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, ranking 196 out of 500, with an impressive growth rate of 300%!

So, how does the award work? The PROFIT 500 ranks Canada’s most successful growth companies by analyzing their five-year revenue growth.

“The members of the PROFIT 500 are the elite of the country’s entrepreneurial community,” says James Cowan, Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Business and PROFIT. “Their stories are lessons in business strategy, innovation, management excellence and sheer tenacity.”

As each of us at Vital Insights is keenly aware, innovation and tenacity are exactly what make Vital Insights the great company that it is. We test our limits every day, and the result is always a better product, happier customers, and driven employees. Winning this award is a testament to our success not only as a software company, but also as the leader in automotive Customer Experience Management.

Even though this is our 4th year in a row, I still get extremely excited each time the PROFIT 500 is announced. Our team goes above and beyond every day, every year, and it makes me overwhelmingly gratified to see our company recognized for our hard work and success. I’m very proud of our team, looking forward to further growth, and can’t wait to see next year’s rankings!


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Enprecis Group Inc. is a leading designer, developer, and distributor of innovative enterprise-class daily tracking and Customer Experience Management (CEM) software dedicated to the automotive landscape. Foresight™ and Foresight for mobile are the foundations of Enprecis Group’s CEM platform, offering real-time, continuous issue resolution management to clients and customers around the world. With a dedication to innovation and forward-thinking product development, Enprecis Group continues its mission of building revolutionary CEM products for leading automotive brands worldwide. Enprecis Group is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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