3 Expert Tips for Customer Feedback Surveys

Requesting customer feedback is imperative to ensure you are on the same page as your customer. You can get feedback in more than a few ways such as requested social reviews, usability tests, customer interviews, NPS scores, and surveys. This article outlines one primary source of customer feedback, surveys.

Here are three expert tips to get strategic customer feedback through surveys:


Decide on the goals of your survey first. Having a goal will enable to create a strategy and map out your questions. Goals create a framework, where you determine what you are going ask and to whom you are going to survey. It makes your results and final report clear and purposeful. Without a course of action, you can get lost in a sea of data or end up with redundant or dry insights. Plus, the more concise your line of questioning is, the greater your response rate is.


Request feedback when it makes sense. We all know timing is everything and that holds true when asking for feedback.

Consider what times works best for your core segments. It makes sense to understand when your customers have downtime or are online using digital channels. If you are asking for feedback via email, send out requests when your click-through rates are the highest. Otherwise, if you don’t have that sort of data yet, try sending it out on a Tuesday morning when people are catching up on their emails. Every audience is different so try some A/B testing to get your figures right.

Get relevant and accurate feedback by sending your request within 24 hours of the customer interaction. If it is later than that your chances for feedback go down and so does the vividness of the interaction.

Keep it Short

Have an intent for your request for feedback. Trying to get many insights that are not linked together, will lead to an abandonment of your survey. Also, if you ask for feedback on five different experiences for one interaction, the insights you gather may be vague.

If you are sending out a survey limit the number of questions to 10 or less. Make each question count – you want concise well-thought-out questions that will help you now. A rule of thumb is to know what insights you might be expecting from each question. Also, make sure you integrate a closed-loop process. That way your customers don’t need to populate information that you already asked for, make the experience sweet and short.


Harpreet Atwal


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