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Make Service Experiences More Effective with Enprecis Online Service Advisor

Using Technology to Streamline Automotive Service Visits

Enprecis capitalizes on its core CQI technology to offer additional services to vehicle owners, automakers, and dealers. Regardless of format, the ultimate objective of Enprecis’s endeavors is always to improve global customer satisfaction, while saving time and money by tracking and fixing problems more effectively.

Enprecis Online Service Advisor (OSA) is an online survey platform that gathers detailed information about vehicle issues before the automobile even enters the shop. OSA is a useful tool for dealerships or other automotive service providers, as it takes advantage of technology to improve the service experience. Multiple alerts per day keep the service process running smoothly.

Vehicle owners complete OSA surveys prior to service visits, providing dealerships with information about the issues they are experiencing. After completing the survey, the vehicle owner hits “submit” to create an electronic work order called a Service Alert. OSA Service Alerts summarize the vehicle issue and give mechanics the background information they need to successfully diagnose problems and provide more effective service in a shorter timeframe. 

Benefits of the OSA tool include:

More detail about vehicle issues for the mechanic
Streamlined service process for the customer
• Improved dealer/service successes: “Fix it right the first time”
• Increased customer satisfaction

Diagnostic Alert 

OSA helps service providers “fix it right the first time,” improving dealership metrics and—most importantly—increasing customer satisfaction. OSA also provides a comprehensive record of customer issues, helping dealerships and shop identify trends and take steps to better address common customer issues. OSA can be integrated into fully branded dealership or auto shop websites, providing a seamless and successful service experience for the customer.

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