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Customer Surveys for the 21st Century: Responsive, Rapid Mobility Panels

Mobile surveys represent the fastest, easiest way to collect customer opinion on topics important to the ever-changing automotive industry. Whether automobile manufacturers, dealers, and marketers are wondering about consumer demand for electric vehicles or owner understanding of new vehicle features, mobile surveys offer the chance to quickly and easily gather the data needed to inform good business decisions. Mobile survey advantages include:

• Short time to market
• Specific audience targeting
• Convenience for consumers
• Instant access to results

Enprecis offers a "Mobility Panel" product that encompasses the design and execution of mobile panel surveys on specific topics. The smartphone platform that drives the mobile panels is capable of collecting approximately 2000 responses within 24 hours and offers complete demographic information on respondents, including age, geography, education level, and marital status. Enprecis Mobility Panels are completely configurable to your topics and target demographic, allowing you to create highly focused surveys that produce exactly the data you need.

For a sample of Enprecis mobility panel methodology and results, see the following blog posts:

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Mobility Panels are fast, flexible, and affordable ways to reach target demographics and represent an important opportunity to revolutionize your approach to market research. Contact Enprecis today for more information about setting up Mobility Panels to gain a better understanding of your audience and customers.