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Enprecis Products Work Together to Improve Quality

Each Enprecis Product Contributes to a Comprehensive Quality and Customer Satisfaction Program

In an increasingly complex automotive industry landscape, Enprecis CQI provides a number of flexible feedback channels to help automobile manufacturers collect and analyze customer feedback in real time. Additional Enprecis products streamline the service process and aid vehicle owners in understanding the latest automotive technologies.

The Enprecis product line encompasses several main components, each designed to meet a specific need, but also fully customizable for individual manufacturers' and dealers' demands. Foundational feedback channels and business intelligence reporting are enhanced by additional features that expand the ability to understand customer insights.

Enprecis offers the following innovative products designed to enhance quality and satisfaction:

• Continuous Quality Insight (CQI): A unique technology platform for gathering and understanding customer feedback.
• Quick Tips: Interactive self-service center filled with educational multimedia resources that help customers resolve their vehicle issues.
• Online Service Advisor (OSA): A feedback platform tailored to enhance automotive service visits, helping mechanics "fix it right the first time."
• CQI Mobile Companion: Supports mobile access to CQI and self-initiated surveys.

Each Enprecis product has its own particular value for measuring and enhancing the customer experience. Experienced Enprecis program managers with automotive and technology expertise will assist clients in selecting the products that will best assist them in achieving their goals. When the right products and programs are used, proprietary Enprecis CQI technology helps automakers turn disruptive industry changes and other measurement obstacles into unique advantages over competitors.

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