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Gain an Industry Advantage with Enprecis Continuous Quality Insight (CQI)

Modern cars are complicated. Getting detailed customer feedback about them doesn't need to be. Enprecis offers a simple yet powerful approach to gathering and analyzing customer feedback, incorporating custom feedback channels (such as surveys) that gather instant feedback from customers. This feedback can be reviewed with powerful analysis tools capable of leading to actionable insights. With our tools, executives get the detailed feedback they want, engineers get the context they need, and everyone gets to drive a better vehicle.

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Continuous Quality Insight (CQI)

Enprecis CQI is a sophisticated technology platform that powers an effective approach to improving product quality and customer satisfaction. CQI incorporates custom feedback channels, detailed data, and sophisticated reporting tools that work in concert to produce clear, actionable directives for enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction.


Feedback Channels

Enprecis CQI collects customer feedback using a variety of channels, such as mobile applications, online surveys, and even call centers. All feedback collection channels are fully branded and specially tailored to elicit the type of detailed feedback automobile manufacturers need to make product and service improvements. Enprecis technology gathers comprehensive data while also providing a simple, streamlined feedback collection experience for the customer.

• Feedback channels offered in any language
• Fully branded with manufacturer/dealer logos and vehicle images
• Randomized category display and customer self-selection eliminate “survey bias"
• Sophisticated branching logic digs deep into the nature of customer concerns
• Takes just 5-10 minutes to submit feedback, increasing response rates over more complex surveys
• Mobile and iPad applications empower customers to submit feedback anytime
• Survey results match customers with resources to promote self-resolution of issues


Detailed Data

Collecting customer feedback is just the beginning. Once a vehicle owner submits feedback, the data processed and available for immediate, ongoing analysis. Enprecis CQI data is more comprehensive and usable than information from other quality measurement solutions, thanks to several distinguishing characteristics:

• Data arrives in real time, in context, with full customer comments
• Customer feedback is matched one-to-one with VINs from vehicle sales data
• Data is mapped to vehicle part or diagnostic codes to expedite effective analysis
• All feedback data, including customer comments, can be translated from any language into any other language


CQI Dashboard Example


Reporting Tools

Enprecis' robust online reporting tools help turn raw CQI data into identifiable trends and actionable directives for improving specific vehicle quality issues and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

• Sophisticated sorting, filtering, and visualization tools, including custom dashboards
• Users may report on any criteria, across various categories, and include comments
• “Multi-select” and “many to many” matching enables flexible combination of data
• Translate reporting platform into any language
Schedule reports for regular email delivery
• Create custom alerts based on vehicle lines or customer satisfaction levels
• Web-based platform can be accessed from anywhere, at any time



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Enprecis CQI represents a revolutionary approach to collecting and analyzing customer feedback. For additional information about how the Enprecis CQI platform can help collect important customer feedback for your company, please contact Enprecis at