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Powering Global Customer Insight for the Automotive Industry

Comprehensive Quality Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Using expertise gleaned from the software and automotive industries, Enprecis has developed a unique online platform for collecting and analyzing data about the customer experience. Enprecis Continuous Quality Insight (CQI) is a comprehensive customer feedback analysis tool that connects automobile manufacturers, dealers, and owners with unprecedented speed and detail. The data collected by CQI from various channels sets the stage for significant improvements in vehicle quality and innovations in vehicle design, preventing recalls and increasing loyalty.

CQI unites market details and customer feedback from different countries and languages into a common framework for analysis, incorporating data from the high-level brand overview all the way down to individual customer comments. No other solution offers the flexibility to both sum up and drill down into data, producing measurable improvements in customer satisfaction.

Return on Investment & Customer Results

Enprecis provides a fast, affordable way to collect customer feedback on an ongoing basis without incurring per-transaction costs. High survey response rates—up to 40% in some cases—enable CQI to provide more data in greater detail at a lower cost than comparable customer feedback programs. Enprecis clients have tripled survey response rates (from 10% to 30%) and are collecting five times as many comments from customers than previous solutions. CQI data has led to vehicle changes that have reduced complaints by 50% in multiple cases, proving the solution's effectiveness.


CQi process

CQI Process

Enprecis CQI works a simple process led primarily by the customer lifecycle. As shown, Enprecis collects (1) and processes (2) sales data from vehicle manufacturers, collects survey results (3), then offers clients sophisticated ways to report on survey data (4). Clients benefit from a streamlined process that allows for multiple ongoing approaches to analysis.


CQI Implementation

In keeping with Enprecis’ highly customized approach to survey creation and data analysis, the CQI implementation process follows a unique path for each client. Program managers work closely with clients to understand needs and tailor CQI to specific vehicle lines and target markets, ensuring optimal effectiveness.


Localization Services

Enprecis offers translation and localization services that combine accurate linguistic choices with local market expertise, enabling clients to quickly launch effective feedback programs in new geographic regions. By leveraging machine-based translation, Enprecis can complete survey translations for new markets within two weeks, including ample time for client review and verification.

The Enprecis localization process, outlined below, enhanced rapid machine-based translation with expert review by language specialists and client stakeholders, creating feedback channels capable of collecting optimal data. In addition to translating surveys, Enprecis translates customer comments from any language to any language, enabling clients to fully understand their customers from around the world. 


Translation, Review, Approval


Enprecis solutions provide a comprehensive approach to measuring quality and the customer experience, creating a robust foundation for continual improvement. To learn more about how Enprecis solutions can help measure quality for your organization, please contact Enprecis at