With the results out and the dust settled, it’s time to discuss the stand-outs of this year’s J.D. Power 2014 CSI Study. As you may have guessed, Vital Insights clients have a lot to be proud of – and if you’ve been paying attention over the past few years, you’ll know that this isn’t the first time.

Precision & Discipline

Volkswagen USA

As a longstanding Vital Insights partner, Volkswagen has once again proven why It’s consistently an annual Vital Insights success story. This year, in great fashion, they’ve continued their methodical rise to the top with the single highest point increase of any Mass Market Brand (26 points).

The result? A stunning #2 finish in the Mass Market category.

This is the latest in a long line of successful rankings for Volkswagen and Vital Insights. In each consecutive year after joining Vital Insights and deploying our Foresight™ Customer Experience Management platform, Volkswagen has reliably ascended the J.D. Power CSI Ranks:

  • 2010: Rank 11
  •  2011: Rank 8
  • 2012: Rank 7
  • 2013: Rank 5
  • 2014: Rank 2

Luxury Meets Experience

Infiniti USA

Another long-time partner, Infiniti first joined forces with Vital Insights in 2011, intending to overhaul their customer experience program and drastically improve customer satisfaction sores. Predictably, success soon followed, and much like Volkswagen, Infiniti has enjoyed sustained success year-over-year.

With the arrival of the 2014 results, Infiniti has successfully broken into the top 5 of the Luxury Market segment, moving into the #4 position with an impressive 17 point jump.

Infiniti’s CSI progression has followed a remarkably similar path to Volkswagen, demonstrating the power and reliability of the Foresight platform. Both brands have been trending inexorably towards the top of their class. Here’s a quick glimpse of Infiniti’s CSI journey with Vital Insights:

  • 2011: Rank 9
  • 2012: Rank 8
  • 2013: Rank 5
  • 2014: Rank 4

New Partner, Fresh Success

Kia Motors America

KMA cemented its partnership with Vital Insights after a hugely successful pilot program that saw KMA dealers vocally supporting the nation-wide adoption of the Vital Insights Foresight™ platform.

In early 2013, KMA listened to its dealers and executed a successful America-wide roll-out of the Vital Insights Foresight Customer Experience Management platform.

In just one year following this huge rollout, KMA has entered into the top 10 of the Mass Market segment, jumping 4 positions to a #10 ranking. This is a huge milestone for KMA, and for the Vital Insights methodology. With a new J.D. Power CSI year already underway, KMA can reliably look to the success of Volkswagen and Infiniti for a model of the possibilities that lie ahead.

Reliable Success

The success of Volkswagen, Infiniti and KMA speaks to the reliability and power of the Foresight platform.  Consistent increases for long-term clients, and impressive turnarounds for new ones, is what every CEM technology must strive for. As such, Foresight’s ability to help major brands markedly increase CSI scores over time is unmatched. At Vital Insights, we are firm in the belief that every customer experience can be perfect. If this successful start to 2014 is any indication, we’re well on our way to proving it.

For more information on this year’s J.D. Power CSI Study rankings, head on over to: http://www.jdpower.com/press-releases/2014-us-customer-service-index-csi


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