J.D Power VOSS Study Showcases the Power of Vital Insights’ Foresight™ Customer Experience Management Technology

Vital Insights, the global expert in customer experience management solutions, has successfully demonstrated the power of its Foresight customer experience management platform, witnessing its clients outperform the industry average on J.D Power’s Canadian Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS) by a commanding 292% margin.

The J.D Power VOSS results provide an overview of ownership experience, from sales and service interaction to the vehicle experience itself. On average, Vital Insights competitors are up 3.2pts year-over-year. Vital Insights’ clients, however, increased on average 11.7pts year-over-year, to an average score of 811pts – a 365% gain over the industry average.

“We know our software works, but it’s sometimes easy to overlook the impact it can have on client and customer satisfaction scores,” says Jason Tryfon, Vital Insights President and CEO. “We’ve been working with the best names in automotive for years, and it’s clear our expertise is paying off.”

Not only have Vital Insights clients increased on average of 11.7pts, but clients just completing their first year with Vital Insights have increased a staggering 19pts on average – a 593% increase over the competition.

“Our technology is built specifically for the needs of our clients.  What are the key performance objectives? Where is the business weak? How can capture and response rates be improved? We set out to build technology that answers these questions while driving meaningful brand and customer connections.”



Enprecis Group Inc. is a leading designer, developer, and distributor of innovative enterprise-class daily tracking and Customer Experience Management (CEM) software dedicated to the automotive landscape. Foresight™ and Foresight for mobile are the foundations of Enprecis Group’s CEM platform, offering real-time, continuous issue resolution management to clients and customers around the world. With a dedication to innovation and forward-thinking product development, Enprecis Group continues its mission of building revolutionary CEM products for leading automotive brands worldwide. Enprecis Group is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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Enprecis Group Communication Team