The decision to choose cloud-based solutions has become a widely discussed topic in the automotive industry in recent years. Companies have come to rely heavily on digital data storage for all facets of their business, so their data must be hosted in an environment that is safe, secure, accessible, and cost efficient. With the increasing regulatory demands on data privacy protection, they also need a solution that can comply with local and international requirements.

This decision is especially important when considering a Software as a Service (SaaS) partner for your business. But first, what is the difference between public cloud and private cloud?

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

Cloud services are hosted by multiple servers in a virtual real-time environment. A public cloud is the cloud infrastructure made available to the general public over the Internet and is owned by an organization selling cloud services. It is advantageous for its scalability. This means when there is a higher demand of computing resources, the public cloud can respond by increasing the server count. It is often used by startups to reduce upfront capital and can be a cost effective option in various enterprise use cases. Most, but not all, security concerns can be addressed with stricter controls.

A private cloud is the cloud infrastructure operated solely for an organization. It enables the organization full and direct control over its components and data, so it is highly customizable to meet security, performance and uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) demands. Although it may not always offer the burstable scalability of the public cloud, it is very cost effective for constant and predictable workloads.

 Cloud Security – is it possible?

Regardless of these differences, one of the most important considerations in selecting your SaaS provider is data privacy protection regulations. A software provider offering cloud hosting as a solution must ensure they are capable of providing the ability to control where the data resides.

In order to satisfy all customer and internal requirements, Vital Insights hosts its entire product line in a hybrid cloud which comprises its private cloud, tightly integrated with public clouds. The Vital Insights private cloud is hosted in multiple certified data centres around the world with strict controls ensuring all data is secure and meets the various regulations, while residing in the required country or region where necessary. Vital Insights hosts all sensitive and critical workloads in its private cloud, and other workloads can be scaled-out to public clouds when necessary.

Examining scalability, reliability, security, and cost are important, however this should not forgo the question of ensuring your SaaS provider meets country-specific data privacy laws, particularly when handling privileged customer data.


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