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First Mobile Survey on Green Vehicles Shows Prius Preference, Price Concerns

Nearly 2000 iPhone users respond to the first mobile survey dedicated to the automotive industry, indicating a preference for Prius and a concern about vehicle price.

In our quest to continue providing best-in-class tools for connecting with customers, Enprecis recently conducted the first mobile market research survey focused on the automotive industry. In fewer than than twelve hours, nearly 2000 consumers responded to a mobile survey regarding the up-and-coming topic of hybrid and electric vehicles.


Mobile Survey Results

Enprecis' mobile survey reached nearly 2000 iPhone users in just 12 hours, generating a large amount of detailed data on green vehicle perceptions. Consumers used a mobile application to communicate their opinion on all aspects of green vehicles, including price concerns, intent to purchase, and environmental impact.

38% of respondents indicated a desire to purchase a green vehicle, with Toyota Prius emergeing as the most popular model, likely thanks to Toyota's longstanding presence in the market and successful advertising campaigns. The vast majority of respondents considering green vehicles identified fuel savings and reduced environmental impact as their top reasons for going green, as shown in the Wordle tag cloud below.

Green vehicle appeal comes from fuel savings and environmental benefits

Price is the main factor preventing most consumers from purchasing a green vehicle, with most respondents unwilling to pay a large premium for the new technology.

The key findings corroborate the findings of surveys delivered by slower and more traditional research channels on the subject, indicating that smartphone applications may be a bold new frontier for market research.


Hot Topic + Hot Technology 

By combining the hot topic of green vehicles with the world's fastest-growing communication channel, Enprecis has blazed a trail for collecting important consumer data faster than ever before, through a channel that's more convenient to customers. Globally, the install base for smartphones is currently 31%, and growth is expected to continue at the rate of 30% each year (Ovum, Dec 2010). With mobile representing the quickest, simplest way to reach the largest audience possible, it will continue to become more and more important as a global market research channel. Enprecis is at the forefront of this effort to help the automotive industry address the mobile business transformation.


Future Applications for Mobile Surveys

The speed and accuracy of this initial mobile survey bodes well for future surveys. Given that early adopters of technology are eager to be trendsetters in other industries as well, mobile apps give the automotive industry a new way to get more expedient customer feedback. Because mobile feedback is available quickly and in a digestable format, it can easily be analyzed, interpreted and even incorporated into design of future vehicles. 

As a true pioneer in adopting new technologies and delivering them to the auto industry, Enprecis plans to run regular monthly Mobility Panels. This will use the voice of the consumer to develop an ongoing overview of the many different challenges the industry must address.

For more information, download additional detail on the mobile survey results, or learn more about Enprecis Mobility Panels as a possible feedback channel for your company.


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  1. David Haymond:
    Apr 04, 2011 at 04:58 AM

    SurveyTool is Mobile Surveys tool that gathers valuable information through surveys regularly over time.

  2. Philinda:
    Apr 23, 2011 at 08:37 AM

    Real brain power on display. Thanks for that ansewr!

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