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Global Customer Satisfaction for the Automotive Industry

Providing Multilingual Services from Seattle, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Paris

Vehicle quality matters to drivers and automakers around the world. As the automotive industry grows rapidly, the need to quickly gather actionable customer feedback in many different languages from multiple target markets is growing as well. With an established international presence in several key automotive markets, talented language experts on staff, and fully localizable product line, Enprecis is perfectly poised to meet demand for a truly global customer feedback solution meeting the needs of both emerging and established automotive markets.


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International Offices

Headquartered in the high-tech hotbed of Seattle, Enprecis also has a strong presence in the automotive industry’s fastest-growing market: Asia. Offices in Seoul and Shanghai help Enprecis gain a full perspective on local market opportunity and provide more effective services to local clients. Advantages of an international presence include:

• Comprehensive market understanding
• In-person client services
• Successful local partnerships
• Improved research opportunities
• Linguistic and cultural expertise

Local market research and client collaboration informs effective corporate decision-making from our Seattle headquarters. Enprecis staff members hail from seven countries and speak fourteen languages, reflecting a corporate commitment to understanding global markets and putting together the right team to meet their needs.

Enprecis USA

111 South Jackson Street
Seattle, Washington 98104
Phone: +1 206-274-0122
Fax: +1 206-623-3368

Enprecis Canada

60 Courtneypark Dr. West, Unit 3
Mississauga, Ontario L5W 0B3
Phone: +1 905-565-5777

Enprecis Asia

18th floor, Huasheng Plaza
399 Jiujiang Road
Shanghai, 200001
Phone: +86 21-60191684, extension: 115

Enprecis Europe

30, Boulevard Pasteur
75015 Paris
Phone: +33 1 53 58 14 19

International Operations: Asia-Pacific,
Europe, North America

Demonstrating the company's commitment to serving clients around the world, Enprecis currently collects customer feedback in multiple languages from vehicle owners in numerous markets:

• Asia-Pacific
• Australia
• China
• Europe
• North America
• Russia

Enprecis launched in Australia, China, and Russia in 2010 and plans to continue expanding in these areas while launching new services in Canada, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East, and North Africa in the near future. With a strong foundation in the world’s largest and fastest-growing automotive markets, Enprecis is well positioned to effectively serve new markets as they develop.

As an online platform, Enprecis supports localization for target markets, producing highly tailored surveys adapted to distinct market needs and accessible in many ways. Data can be collected in the customer’s language and translated into the preferred business language, making it easy for automakers to understand customers from any area. Enprecis staff work closely with clients to ensure not only that survey text is accurately translated, but also that general concepts are communicated in ways that the target market can understand and respond to.

International Manufacturing Plants

Enprecis data covers cars manufactured in diverse locations, from Georgia to Japan. Survey data identifies issues by vehicle line and manufacturing location, quickly revealing trends and helping manufacturers pinpoint plants need of an increased focus on quality.

With assistance from Enprecis, top automobile manufacturers around the globe are making better vehicles. Collecting customer feedback from all corners of the world is more feasible than ever before thanks to Enprecis' strong international foundation. Contact Enprecis at for additional information.