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From Call Center to Continuous Insight

Redefining Market Research with Automotive and Technology Expertise

Enprecis has been helping connect automobile owners and manufacturers for years, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology to meet industry needs. The following overview shows how Enprecis evolved from an innovative idea into an effective technology platform serving dozens of high-profile vehicle lines.

Enprecis client logos: Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Jaguar, Land Rover, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM.

Origins in Technology and Quality

Founded in 2006, Enprecis grew out of the realization that the automotive industry needed a better, faster way to measure customer satisfaction. Enprecis' founders understood that as cars grew more complex and used more technology, the various methods of analyzing vehicle quality and performance would necessarily grow more complex as well. Identifying online data analytics as the ideal method for understanding customer satisfaction, the founders gathered experts in automotive engineering, customer satisfaction, and software development to create the ultimate approach to quality: an online survey and reporting platform for the automotive industry.

More than a Call Center

Enprecis' first customer feedback program grew out of an existing call center relationship with Mazda, a leading Japanese automaker. Enprecis helped Mazda create an online survey focused on collecting information about specific vehicle features as well as the overall Mazda ownership experience, rooted in the evocative "zoom-zoom" marketing approach. Enprecis and Mazda not only developed a powerful survey campaign and reporting interface, but eventually created several enhancements to the survey platform, including Quick Tips—resources that allow customers to resolve their own issues as identified during the survey process. The program was a resounding success, improving Mazda's J.D. Power quality scores enough to move the manufacturer up ten positions in the rankings, and demonstrating the value of Enprecis' unique approach to improving, not just measuring, quality.

Internationalization and Expansion Over Time

Mazda’s international presence led to the translation of survey data into Japanese, setting the stage for global expansion. Other manufacturers, notably Jaguar Land Rover, shared similar localization needs, leading Enprecis to develop a specialized approach to adding new languages and target markets to its arsenal. Enprecis also worked with Hyundai to create strategic surveys for different milestones in the customer lifecycle, enabling the company to gauge initial customer satisfaction as well as vehicle quality and durability over time.

In the past 2 years alone, Enprecis has expanded its services into Australia, China, Russia, Italy, and Germany with various vehicle lines, and launched the first automotive business intelligence reporting platform in Chinese. The company remains poised to take advantage of additional emerging markets, including the Middle East and North Africa, where vehicle purchases continue to rise.

Service Relationships

While continuing with automobile manufacturers, Enprecis also launched an Online Service Advisor platform for Mitchell1, an automobile repair service. The Online Service Advisor allows vehicle owners to quickly and easily report vehicle issues through an online channel. This background information helps dealers and other automotive service providers enter into service engagements with a clearer picture of the issue at hand, improving the ability to "fix it right the first time."

Piloting Success

Pilot programs have led to successful adoption of Enprecis services by many manufacturers. Chrysler launched an ambitious pilot program with seven vehicle lines and was impressed enough by the results to double its use of the platform in less than a year’s time. Enprecis continues to work with new clients to launch innovative customer satisfaction programs.

A Focus on Quality and Satisfaction

Vehicle quality and customer satisfaction are the primary focus for all Enprecis clients, and is the driving force behind their continued use of Enprecis Continuous Quality Insight (CQI). As Enprecis adds new features and flexibility to the survey and reporting platforms, clients continue expanding their ability to improve vehicle quality and satisfy customers throughout their vehicle ownership experience.