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Staying Dry: Fixing Water Leaks with Customer Feedback

CQI Data Pinpoints Water Leak Location, Reducing Issue Reports by 50% 

A major automotive manufacturer and longtime Enprecis client had used Enprecis CQI to power customer feedback for several surveys. Soon after releasing a new survey for a particular vehicle line, CQI data began to show that a large number of customers were reporting concerns about water leaks in the new vehicle.

Engineers looked closely at the CQI data, including detailed customer comments, and gathered enough detail to pinpoint the location of the water leaks. Once the leak had been located, engineers were able to quickly design an effective fix to the problem and get the solution into production.

Surveys issued after the leak was resolved were able to confirm that the fix had been effective: half as many survey respondents reported water leaks after the fix.

CQI offered the following benefits to the manufacturer in this case:

Fast: the leak was immediately identified based on CQI data
Accurate: detailed comments pointed directly to leak location
Intelligent: new CQI data confirmed that the fix had worked

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