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Model for Success: Becoming the Most Improved Non-Premium Brand in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS)

Enprecis CQI Improves Quality Ratings Across Measurement Tools

Enprecis Continuous Quality Insight (CQI) data offers a dual focus on quality and quantity, providing not only detailed customer comments but also a sufficiently large data pool to begin making predictions about quality trends over time. The ease of collecting information through CQI has helped Enprecis clients accumulate impressive data stores, with some manufacturers approaching 300,000 survey responses and 700,000 customer comments over time. When compared to J.D. Power studies with fewer than 100,000 one-time respondents, the value of so much Enprecis data becomes clear. For one manufacturer, Enprecis data made it possible to move up 5 spots in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS) and become the most improved non-premium brand.

This notable achievement was enabled in large part by the quantity and frequency of CQI data available. Enprecis provided this client with nearly 5 times as many survey responses and 15 times as many customer comments as previous methods of measuring quality, demonstrating that there is power in numbers. The accumulation of CQI data empowers manufacturers to create statistical models that predict quality trends over time, identifying common issues and even successfully forecasting scores from J.D. Power and other market research firms.

Many industry quality scores are just that—one-off scores, meant to assess without informing. Enprecis CQI, by contrast, consistently provides detailed data that identifies areas for improvement, empowering automakers to create a quality product—not just pay for more scores next year. Automakers who make it a priority to improve quality—not just measure it—will benefit greatly from CQI.

Enprecis provides three major benefits when it comes to quality scores:

Frequency: Get data daily, rather than just once a year
Quantity: Collect enough data to make statistically significant predictions
Predictability: Create effective models to predict future quality scores

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