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CQI Dashboards: Enhancing Data Visibility for Clients

Business Need: Visibility into quality trends

Automobile manufacturers are responsible for monitoring countless aspects of vehicle production and quality. Because modern automobiles are so complex, getting visibility into major vehicle issues can be difficult. A top automaker and longtime Enprecis client was using Enprecis Continuous Quality Insight (CQI) tools with good results, but felt a need to increase data visibility among its staff. With more than 200 active users of the CQI reporting platform, the client needed to ensure that users were able to easily view and understand the data that mattered most to them. The client settled on dashboards as the best way to highlight issues at a glance while also enabling complete access to data. 

Enprecis Solution: Custom CQI Dashboards

CQI tools and documentation empowered the client to easily create more than 25 different dashboards targeted to internal engineering or quality groups. Each dashboard includes the most relevant reports for the specific target group. For example, the dashboard for the brake engineering group might display reports on brake noise, brake dust, brake vibration, or other brake issues. All reports show several months of data, enabling users to identify emerging issues, track trends, and verify the effectiveness of solutions.

Case Study Highlights

• 25+ custom dashboards targeted to 200+ users
• Dashboards show only the most relevant data
• Combines "big picture" overview of major issues with ability to “drill down” into details and comments
• "Quality Board" shows all dashboards at a glance
• Staff uses dashboards to identify trends and verify that issues are resolved
• Executive dashboards drive issue prioritization and overall strategy
• Company-wide initiative uses dashboards to keep all staff on the same page

For complete details about this client success, read the full dashboard case study (PDF). To learn about other ways Enprecis has helped clients improve vehicle quality and customer satisfaction, view additional case studies.