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Keep Connected: Customer Comments Identify Bluetooth Issues

Customer Comments on CQI Surveys Resolve Three Types of Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth technology plays a central role in the daily lives of many people, serving as an important tool for both business and personal communications. Hands-free and voice recognition technology have been particularly helpful in vehicles, helping drivers do everything from navigate routes to switch radio stations—all without taking hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. As Bluetooth becomes more and more central to the driving experience, more and more automobile manufacturers offer Bluetooth connectivity in their vehicles. Unfortunately, because Bluetooth is so important to so many drivers, hands-free features can become a major frustration if they don’t work well.

A major automobile manufacturer using Enprecis CQI technology noticed a trend in negative customer feedback related to Bluetooth functionality, and decided to explore these Bluetooth problems in greater depth using detail from CQI comments. The manufacturer analyzed more than 325,000 customer comments to extract the 1900 comments directly related to Bluetooth issues. Further analysis revealed that sound quality, voice recognition, and connectivity issues were the major causes of Bluetooth issues for respondents. Engineers read the comments on these issues in great detail, gathering the data needed to design improvements.

After analyzing customer comments, engineers were able to identify the main sources of Bluetooth issues and execute improvements necessary to improve the customer experience. The next model year of the same vehicle featured extensive Bluetooth enhancements designed specifically to address the major customer concerns. Survey data for the new model year showed that customer satisfaction with the new model year vehicle’s Bluetooth functionality was significantly improved, with a 50% reduction in Bluetooth complaints. This feedback was available almost immediately after the release and sale of the new vehicle and confirmed that the manufacturer had been able to successfully resolve problems.

Here, CQI comments provided an important advantage on three main fronts:

Quantity: A sufficient quantity of data was available to enable informed action
Specificity: Easily go from 325,000 comments to the 355 most relevant
Confirmation: Subsequent CQI data confirmed that the Bluetooth issues were resolved

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